Spiritual Clearing for the dying

 ~ with the Archangels ~


This service is for your loved one who will soon start the transition into the great journey home.


The Archangels will work though me to clear lower vibrations, assist your loved one to release non-beneficial emotions, clear any noxious illness energy from the soul and adjust the soul to the proper light frequency. 


***Please be sure to leave the first and last name of your loved one in the comment box when checking out***


You may want to read about purchasing energy work for others found here. 




This service is to prepare your loved one's spirit to accept the Light, when their time comes. 

This is a gift of love given to your loved one, from the Divine Source and the Mighty Archangels.



If you haven't already, please read more about cancer energy upon the spirit here

or a bit more about the process on the service page.


I will perform this service with-in 1-3 business days.

However, if you feel the time is coming quickly or you just discovered this page, upon checking out, in the comment/notes about this order box, please type "URGENT", along with any additional information you may feel I need to know, and I will try my best to speed up the service for you.


After the service has been delivered to your loved one, I will email you to let you know it has been completed.

A Message from Archangel Michael:


Please know that you are ordering this at the "proper time" and the services will be performed at the proper time.  An email will be sent to you upon completion of the energy work and there may be a message from Danielle.  It would include any information she is allowed to receive during the channel, to be given to the family, or it may contain a message directly from the Archangels.  Please trust the process and trust that all is the way it should be. 


Thank you,

Archangel Michael



Here is an external link if you need help recognizing the "end of life" symptoms... here


This clearing is for Everyone making the transition into the afterlife.  It is Not specifically for cancer patients.

Please note, I do not need to know if your loved one is dying of cancer in order to perform the service, but if you feel like sharing, you may leave any information in the comment box upon checking out.

Cancer is a difficult time to go through, both for the patient and their loved ones, if you feel the need to share you story, or just feel like sharing, please contact me though the "contact" page.  I promise, I will never share this information with anyone, unless you tell me otherwise and because you feel compelled to share your story with others.



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