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Purchasing Energy Work for Someone Other than Yourself ~ Getting Permission


We all have loved ones, for whom we would like to gift or buy energy work. 

What a wonderful gift to give to someone special! 


With that in mind, please know, due to the nature of energy work, you should have their permission.  Even though your intentions are for good or it is based off of your concern and love for them, if you do not get their permission first, the energy could be rejected.


May times if a person is getting energy work done on them and they do not know about it, their guardian angel or spirit guides can reject the energy and will reject the energy if the person receiving it does not want it.


Although, I am not comfortable making suggestions of this nature but, if you want it to be somewhat of a surprise for them, then perhaps you can be vague in the description and only tell them you are purchasing them energy work and ask for their permission.  Again, just a suggestion.



Purchasing Energy Work for the "End of Life " of Someone Dear to You


This is not necessarily the case for the "End of Life Care" services for the dying.  If they are incoherent, please try to get the primary family's permission, out of respect, and if possible, have them, or you, whisper in the ear of the dying person to tell them the energy work is coming.  Although, none of it is really necessary for the dying, most welcome it gladly and I have never seen it rejected once I tell their guardian angels and guardian spirits why I am there and what I am doing

The Archangels will only perform what is in acceptance to the dying person's will. 

This is a completely Non-intrusive service.  

Service for that is found here


Scheduling Energy Work for others


Some of the energy work requires the receiver to be "present" at the time of the service, meaning they will need to set aside time to receive the energy.  So scheduling may be best done with the receiver.  But if you would like to be the mediary, I am fine with that as well.


Remember, this is distant healing and distant energy work, where I send the energy to you but at times, you must be sitting or laying down to receive the energy at the time I am sending it, as if you were in the office for a physical hands on healing.  So please read the details of  each service found in the store.


Upon Checkout


When checking out, there will be a "notes about this order" box.  Please put the name of the person for whom you are buying it for and let me know if you would like me to send the accompanying PDF to you or to the receiver.  If you would like me to send it to them, be sure to include their email. 


If you have any questions about purchasing energy work for others, please contact me.

Sat Nam


 And please be sure to note the age restriction on the Faery Light Activation purchase page.  Link coming soon

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