Angelic Healing, Reiki, Dowsing, Clearing, Faery Light


I'm just getting started with my website and the services I provide.  There is so much that is coming soon!

I'll be adding a few at a time, so keep an eye out for changes.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what I do and my services.


If there is a particular issue you are dealing with at this present moment and need help, please contact me.

I can still help you with your spiritual problem while I'm building my website.


Here are a few of the services I will be providing:

Dowsing  for Prosperity

Removing blocks and increasing prosperity energy ~ find it here

Dowsing for Planet Retrograde

Neutralize the effects of planet retrograde ~ find it here

Spirit Release - Releasing ghosts and other spirit attachments

Releasing ghosts and spirits into the Light

At this time, this service is primary only available to Central Oregon.  Due to the nature of ghosts, I will need to go to the place where the haunting is for a proper evaluation of the situation. Although, with a picture of the location, I may be able to help some with a distant clearing.  Some spirits are easier to release than others and some won't want to be released at all.  This is why it is best for me to do an evaluation of the location and of the spirit.

Clearing energy from a home - or - Clearing energy from place of business

Clearing and Spiritual Preparation for the dying, w/ the Archangels

This is a clearing of lower vibrations, from the surrounding area, to make for an easy transition to the other side.

It also helps the dying release emotions, such as: anger, regret or sorrow for leaving their loved ones behind.  It prepares their spirit to accept the Light.  Especially helpful for those dying of cancer, as it will also release the cancer energy from their spirit when they leave this Earth. ~ find it  here

Angelic clearing of cancer energy  for caregivers and family members

Faery Light Activation

Connect with the Faery Realms and instill their Light into your being.  This is for your spirit to align with the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Faery Relams and attract them into your life. ~ COMING VERY SOON!!!!

Faery Healing Light

Channeling of Faery Light that is sent to the receiver.  This is to help the receiver to release energy blocks and transform their energy to be more in-tuned with themselves and with the Faery Realms. 

Reconnect to the Divine

This is for those who feel they have lost their way or for those who are in need of feeling the Divine energy flow again.  Feel the Divine's Love flowing in to you.... find it here

Reiki for prosperity

Reiki for love

Reiki for pets

All of my services are distant healing (with the exception of  spirit release) .   I will send the energy to you.

Much love and Blessings to you