Spiritual Aspects of the Dark


I wanted to speak today of darkness.  Not the darkness that people fear or associate with low vibrational spirits that only wish to harm, but of an aspect of darkness that creates light, an aspect from which light comes forth.


Today we’ll speak briefly on the Void but the main point today is speaking of the darkness that comes with struggle.  There is a similarity between the two.  One is a place in which we seek to go into and find our darker aspects of ourselves so we may release these aspects to raise our vibration and heighten our consciousness.T

The other is a time in which we are being asked to release an aspect of ourselves.


The Void is a place of deep spiritual understanding, a place where we go to learn our true identity, a place where we can truly see who we are, including the aspects we don’t care for, because how can we grow, release or heal if we cannot accept our true identity. This is where we go to become aware of all aspects of ourselves.  Lower vibrational aspects of ourselves are revealed to us, so we may accept who we are but be willing to work on, heal or release these aspects that no longer serve us.  For many who study or train in this way, this is where our light first comes into being.  The Void is a deep topic and so, another topic for another day. :)


Then there are the dark times in our life, where we appear to struggle.  Do you see how I used the word, “appear”?  I'll touch on that in a minute.  Some call this the Dark Night of the Soul.  It is through these dark times that we are beginning to grow; we are being asked to release what does not serve us or transform some habit or thought pattern.  It “appears” that we are struggling, where in truth, we are being blessed; we are being given the opportunity to grow, to become aware of an emotion, thought pattern or issue so we may release it, heal it or transform it into a higher vibrational state of being.  They are old aspect of ourselves that no longer serve us and need to be released or transformed to assist in awakening.  It is to make room for the Light that is coming; it is to evolve you into the next level of your spiritual development. 


It only “appears” to us as a struggle, but in reality, it is only our mind, our ego mind that is having the difficulty in letting go.  Remember, part of the function of the ego mind, it is there to keep us safe and will fight to let go of what it has deemed a source of protection.  This is when you must comfort it, thank it for helping you stay safe but tell it, it’s time to let go, and that you make the decisions.  Sometimes, it only needs to be told once and other times it will need to comforted and told many times until it is ready to let go. 


Then there are times a pattern will keep repeating itself.  If this is happening in your life, then there is a lesson needing to be learned; this is part of rebalancing karma.  Ask Spirit to send you the wisdom that is need to learn the lesson and in a way you can hear the message.  Now is the time to ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you.  Ask to be guided to what will allows you to accept the truth, the truth that shines light on to the matter at hand.


Metaphors of Darkness:


Most new seeds need to be planted in the soil, in the dark.  These seeds will grow in to a great harvest or into a beautiful flower full of color and fragrance, but first they are planted in soil.  They start in the dark; they need time to grow and time for the sprouting process.



Think of a butterfly.  A caterpillar enters into the cocoon to start the transformation.  The caterpillar may not be the prettiest being when it enters the cocoon, but after its transformation, it enters into the world, a being of wonder and beauty.  The cocoon is much like the Void.  It’s a place where you enter the darkness, to look with-in, in order to change.  Although it may seem dark, it is also well protected.... and cozy.  :)


Be the butterfly, enter into the Void, come to terms with your darkness, be willing to change, embrace your change, allow the tears to flow, and allow the transformation to take place.  You will soon emerge into the Light when you break though the cocoon.

Take what resonates as truth with you and leave the rest.


None of this is new information, it’s just a reminder for us to look with-in to find the answers and to seek the Light that brings us back into harmony.


Sat Nam

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