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Today's topic at hand is the effects cancer plays on our energy field and spirit.


Cancer not only attacks the physical body, it also latches on to our energy field.  It is a downright heavy and extremely toxic energy.  It can effect the person who is going through treatment and for those who have lost their battle with it and are now in the transitioning phase - the dying process.  It also sticks to the people who are closest to the person battling cancer. 

This why it needs to be brought to light.

I have known of this toxic energy for some time and I was unsettled by the truth of the matter when I witnessed it first hand with a beloved family member who lost his fight with cancer.  I don't remember how, where or when I learned about it, I've just know for many years.  But after witnessing it, I have felt strongly about sharing this information. 


Personally, I was at loss for words on how to explain it, probably because I knew I would cry the entire time I was writing about it, so I asked the Archangels to channel through me to give us a better description.  I was greeted by many healing Angels and Archangels. 



The channel is directly related to the dying process, but below it, I will give some advice for those who are going through cancer.




 This is for you Jim...


About cancer energy and the dying process  ~ Channeled by Archangel Raphael

3/20/2017  11:33 am




There will be some who will be able to release all of the cancerous energies. It is a foul energy that is placed upon the spirit. It must be removed before entering the Gates of Heaven. There are Divine, sacred areas and spaces of healing for them to enter before entering the Gates of Heaven. The spirit will be guided there by its guardian angel and guides. Mother Mary is the overseer of these spaces.  She will insure they are placed in the proper space for their type of healing.


Some spirits take longer to heal than others. There are many reasons for this but to name a few: hardships, karma, fear, resentment. It is always best to have the cancerous energy removed from the auric field before entering into death. This will either completely remove the toxic energy or in the very least, remove most of it for quicker healing in the spiritual healing realms.


There is great comfort and joy for those in the healing spaces. They are completely loved and cared for here during their releasing of noxious energies.


Many will come here and choose to stay as guardians for others who enter.  Some will return to Earth as guides, to help others prevent cancer and some will return to Source/God/Love. Those that choose to stay as guardians will help others entering to understand the process and the affects it has on their families. This is why it is always best to have the energies removed beforehand. This will make a lighter load for the spirit to carry into the afterlife.


Many sources of energy work can help here, Angelic Healing, Reiki, and Light Work are only to name a few, as long as the intent is to help the spirit in the healing of it’s noxious energies and comes from a place of Light and Love.


Thank you for your interest in this subject matter and we hope you will help to spread the word to others, for many people die in this manner. It is the Global awareness that is allowing this information to enter into the Earth and it's for Her people.




Thank you Archangel Raphael and all other Archangels, Angels and Light Beings who were here to assist is the channeling! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


As asked above in the channeling, please share this with others, anyone you know, any other spiritual healers, Reiki practitioners, or light workers.  You are welcome to copy and paste it but please do not change any of the channeled message and I only ask that you credit my website as the original posting. Thank you!



For all of you who are going through cancer or know of someone who is, releasing and healing this energy can do wonders for everyone involved. Everyone who has the energy clearing done, it can help them to feel lighter and more energetic, as if new life is flowing in them, which it is.  :)   This helps the victim apply more energy to his/her fight with it and helps the caregivers and family members feel the strength needed to support their loved one.


Energy work can be a great addition to your medical treatments.


If you have a Reiki practitioner or other energy worker that you are currently working with, please share this page with them.  If you do not have someone and would like this type of energy work done...


I offer this type of service for both the dying and the living. 

Service for the dying can be found here


Service for cancer patients and family / friends coming soon

I am still available for these, I just don't have them on the website yet; please contact me if you need these services.


I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas!  Please leave a comment below.

Sat Nam


Disclaimer:  Energy work is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Information provided on this website is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with your health care practitioner when you find any medical conditions.

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