Welcome to Light of the Fay!

Light of the Fay was born from a spark created by Spirit and delivered to us by the Light.  Here, the services offered are healing energies of the Light.  It is the Light and Love of the Divine Source and it is here to help us heal, reconnect with, and strengthen our connection to the Divine and the Earth. 


All Light offered here is for our highest good and those drawn here are seekers of the Light, ready to transform the old paradigm and move on to the next level of Light for their spiritual development.


By strengthening your connection to Spirit, you will be helping yourself to raise your vibration, recognize your inner light and realize the power to heal yourself comes from with-in.  There is an abundance of help from our angels, spirit guides and the Fay; we just need to slow down, smell the flowers and look and listen for their guidance. 


Spread love and light through the world as you dance your journey. 

All life is a blessing!


Life is full of beauty and magic.

It is well known Angels, Fairies, Elementals, other Sprite Folk, and luminous beings are gatekeepers of the Light.  This Light has immense healing and enlightening energies, along with providing the great magic that was bestowed upon the Fay, along with their immense healing power.


Angelic blessings and Faery energies are abundant throughout this site.  Just read and allow the energy to flow.  

Connect to the Divine Source, Angels or  with the Faery Realms.


Check out the Service page to see what I do and what is coming,  or check out the Store to purchase healing services or light activation from the Angels or from the Faeries.

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